Data Recovery

Arundel Technologies uses several proprietary software programs to extract your data at the most affordable rate. We have over 10 years of experience extracting data from drives that are failing or have gone corrupt. We know exactly how to handle different types of failing drives and will use a variety of different programs and methods to get your data off safely and at an affordable price. We can provide this service for Macs as well as PC’s.

However, we know how important your data is and we understand our on site software data extraction methods are limited, we have partnered with the Data Rescue Center for extreme hardware failure situations. The Data Rescue Center offers a class 100 clean room, and will ensure your data is in good hands while your data is being recovered. In addition Arundel Technologies has done market analysis on hard drive recovery pricing and we’ve found our pricing structure to be well below most data recovery solutions! Stop paying thousands of dollars for data recovery in the Maryland area, call us now for an estimate of our new top of the line recovery service!